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December 16, 2016


Produced by Lita Ford
Engineered / Mixed by
Zachary Darling at
Doghouse Studios, Los Angeles CA
Mastered by Tom Coyne at
Sterling Sound, New York NY

Rage The War

Rage The War
(music / lyrics by Savage Playground)

Hey Hey baby
Tell me what you doing now
Saying what you think is right
Your words go on to tick away
Change is your only push
You push it on you're blind for days

(Chorus )
Take your time, Lose our minds
Wage the war
Take your time, Fuel the fight
It's our war
Rage the war

I've got a feeling
You don't know what you're doing now
Tit for tat, another rant
It seems we're going backwards now
The shepherds lies
Have brought demise
Now we have to cut the ties


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