Innocence is Gone
Produced by Lita Ford "Queen of Metal"
Mixed/Engineered by Zackary Darling Recorded at The Doghouse Studio
Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Tom Coyne | Sterling Sound
New York, NY

Innocence Is Gone

Innocence Is Gone

Innocence Is Gone
(Music / Lyrics by Ryley Hughes)

You Know
The hell you put me through
You gave me long days
And longer nights
Every step I'm taking, is going down
I won't go out, without a fight

(Pre Chorus)
I know you baby
You put me right over the edge
I know you baby
You'll come back in the end

Treat me right, Treat me wrong
Your innocence is gone

I'm holding back, I know I should
You'll get at me, drive at me
Then you'll just push me away
I know you, don't care anymore
All I can say is I called it before

(Pre Chorus)

Looking for a way
And now the innocence is gone

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