Could’ve Been Me Release

We had some fun creating the Could’ve Been Me video (directed by Barrett Klesko | Fadeback Studios United) and are pretty stoked to announce it’s release! From Leopard prints to smashed guitars and stretch limousines, we have got it all in this video testing our limits on how far we really wanna go to bring the best product forward. We would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this video! We hope you enjoy.

– Savage

Could've Been Me country scene

Could’ve Been Me country scene

New Music 2016

This has been a very busy year for writing, producing, and recording our new music.  We made another trip to Los Angeles to work again with our friend and mentor Lita Ford.  She has produced two more of our songs “Girl Next Door” and “Rage The War”.  Back at home, we are finishing up three more songs with producers Nathan Kidd and Dave Stoten of Method Music Productions.   And YES!!  A music video will also be made for one of these new tunes produced by our friend Barrett Klesko of FadeBack Studios!  Stay tuned …. releases coming soon!!

January 2016

2015 was a great year for Savage Playground and we look forward to a rocking 2016!  We are heading back to the recording studio in February with more new material.  We would love to see you at one of our live shows where we have been debuting these songs.Van Pick 2015 reduced

“Mess again” (Official Video) Released!

“Run Me Down” (Official Video) Released!

Savage Playground’s First Track off the EP Mess Again. This song is dedicated to those who stand up and fight back! For those that refuse to fall … by not giving in to those who want to “Run Me Down”! So Let’s CRANK IT UP!

Produced, Shot and Directed by Barrett Klesko
Assisted by Braden Field
FadeBack Studios United /

Spring / Summer 2014

Lots of miles covered these last few months.  It started with being in the recording studio.  The guys at Sound Extractor were awesome to work with.  Our 4 song EP “Mess Again” is now in production and will be released early Fall 2014.

In May 2014. we brought on friend and mentor, Jen Perry (ID VIP Team Corp), as band manager.  We also brushed our teeth and put on our best smiles for our very first photo shoot.  Thank you Meaghan Baxter Photography for our new band photos!

New Music

“RUN ME DOWN” to be released.

Hello rock n roll fans!  Our first single is slated for release this mid August 2014.  With this release will also be our first Music Video.  ”Run Me Down” is the first track on our EP “Mess Again” which will debut towards the end of September 2014.


Welcome to our Website. We are pumped to have this up and running. A great place to check-in for a visit and see what we are up to. You can use the links above to check out our Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some areas are still under construction but we thank you for your support – Keep On Rocking!

In Recording

FINALLY! We won’t let you relax! Our new single is almost done, and it will Rock you. Just working on the finishing touches … and that includes its name! This is just the start of our new releases. We have been working hard and have some great new material that will be in the recording studio very soon. Visit us often for updates!

Summer 2013

This summer we have been given opportunity to perform at some great charity events. It is always amazing how many people we meet, and of course, friendships created.

The event that really hit home with us was Adamstock. We are very thankful to ID VIP for inviting us to perform at this event. Adam loves music and was not well enough to attend Boonstock. He has been battling cancer for the fourth time in his life. His 15th birthday party became Adamstock, a full day concert with over dozen bands. We think of you often Adam – your strength is an inspiration to us all. God Bless