Mess Again - CD Artwork
release date:

October 16, 2014


False Impression
is the 2nd track off the Debut EP
Mess Again

Huge Thank You to all involved and our friends and family for supporting us right from the beginning

Recorded & Produced at
Sound Extractor Studio, Edmonton AB
with Jeff Kynoch and Stu Kirkwood
Artwork by Alchemy Imageworks, Edmonton AB
with Kelly Eros and Caellen Sancho

False Impression

False Impression - 2nd Track off the EP "Mess Again"

False Impression
(music / lyrics by Ryley Hughes)

You can say there is a misunderstanding
If it's what you believe
Stand in my way
I'll read between the lines
You say it will be different
Each and every time

We're standing, on shaky ground
Just waiting for it to come down
You've given me
A false impression

You can give me a cold look
Just hide behind your eyes
Say what you want, be who you are
You never actually cared
You just love attention
Guess it's just your thing
I don't want to play any games
You're not getting it this way


Turn away, Look Around
Don't Look Back
A false impression
A false impression

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