Run Me Down
release date:

August 27, 2014


First track off the Debut EP
Mess Again
Huge Thank You to all involved and our friends and family for supporting us right from the beginning

Recorded & Produced at
Sound Extractor Studio, Edmonton AB with Jeff Kynoch and Stu Kirkwood

Artwork Alchemy Imageworks, Edmonton AB
with Kelly Eros and Caellen Sancho

Video Production of Run Me Down
by Fadeback Studios | Barrett Klesko

Run Me Down

Run Me Down
First track off the EP "Mess Again"

Run Me Down
(music/lyrics by Ryley Hughes)

Every time you think that you’re movin’ faster
Looking for something that will show me up
Keep on reaching but your hands are shorter
I’ll keep moving forward past your lies

(Pre Chorus)
Move ahead, move ahead, move ahead
And don’t run me down
Run me down
Broken head
Run me down

I think my piece of mind is farther forward
Looking for something that is caught in my head
Looks like I’ll stick around a little while
Every second passes without a sound

(Pre Chorus)
Listen to what I said
Getting in my head
Getting in my head

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