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A new reckoning force in the Rock and Roll scene, Canadian hard rock band, Savage Playground, was created by brothers Ryley and Josh Hughes. In May 2013, the two brothers decided to venture away from coverband Sonic Nation in order to focus, write and perform their own material. A resurrection of the Hard Rock from the 1970’s and 1980’s but with a more prominent pounding sound, often heavier and harder hitting to viewers listening.

Having influences such as Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Motley Crue, Crash Diet, etc., they gave an oath to bring back the true show and performance of Hard Rock.

So begins the journey….Ryley and Josh brought from the ground Savage Playground. Bringing on rhythm guitarist, Daniel Martin, and after an extensive search, Connor Miskiman, on bass.

This trio plus one have individually and collectively rocked the stages of Beaumont Blues Fest, Adamstock, Banger In The Hanger and many charities and shows through the Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton. People have come to know them as not only great music but complete entertainment at every live performance.

Rock and Roll lives and breathes in a Savage Playground.



Ryley Bio Take 10Photo Credit – YEG Music Magazine

“When you can’t get something out, it’s like your work is just a shadow in your head.”
– Axl Rose

Ryley has carried a guitar around since he was 6 years old and Elvis was the only person who knew how to rock. He was self taught until age 11 when his family made the move from the country to Sherwood Park Alberta. He was finally able to receive lessons and his passion for music accelerated him to be an amazing guitarist and natural performer. Ryley is always busy developing new riffs and writing songs.



Josh Bio Take 3Photo Credit – YEG Music Magazine

“The most important thing is follow your dreams. You don’t have to be the best at what you do, because people have already changed the world without being the best.”
– Jimmy “theRev” Sullivan

When Josh performs, your eyes are drawn center stage. He amazes his audience with his skill of the sticks, energy, and savagery. Originally, Josh played the guitar but had limited interest in the strings. He pleaded with his parents for a drum set, and at age 9, Josh received his first kit. The foundation that started it all.

(Eat drums, eat cymbals! – animal)



Daniel Bio Take 2Photo Credit – Visualz Photography

“It’s a good feeling that you can put your heart out there and no matter how black it it, people will understand it.
– James Hetfield

Daniel always had music in his head, but only recently learned how to get it out.  A late bloomer, he was given his first guitar on his seventeenth birthday and finished his first song the next day.  Being influenced by such metal giants as James Hetfield, Synyster Gates, Marco Hietala and Richie Faulkner, he practiced and practiced until he could make his guitar riffs the best they could be.  If he could choose how his music sounds with one word, it would be “theatrical”.



Connor Bio Take 4Photo Credit – Visualz Photography

“Music is all about wanting to be better at it.
– Geddy Lee”

Connor performs with a style and attitude that is moving him towards being one of tomorrows influential bassists. He grew up in a musical family and although he has learned other instruments, he can really slap the bass.